About Us

Who We Are

Welcome to a New and Innovative perspective of all things beauty supply! Catering to all of your hair and beauty essentials, we are your one-stop-shop for the latest in hair tips, tricks, and trends! Shop with us for your natural hair products, wigs, braiding, and crochet hair, as well as the top Black-owned brands in textured hair care.

True Essence Beauty Supply is a Black woman-owned retailer for beauty and hair care essentials. Our mission is to celebrate Black women and their creative self-expression throughout their natural hair journey. Our exquisite new beauty supply store offers exceptional customer service, quality products, and an unmatched love, passion, and knowledge for textured hair! At True Essence Beauty Supply, we care about all hair types and textures, but we take special care to ensure that our kinky-curly friends feel confident in the best products and practices for their unique hair types. 

Black hair is so much more than a beauty trend, or a fashion statement. Those of us with ancestry tracing back to the diasporas of Africa have significant ties connecting us spiritually, culturally, and symbolically to our hair. With that being said, it is important that Black women feel represented when seeking hair and beauty products specific to our unique hair and skin. There is so much beauty in our versatility, and it is time we celebrate that! 



About Our Founder

Our founder and CEO has a long and loving history with beauty supply and all things hair. Stephanie Sylvester-Shorter grew up with a certain curiosity and passion for all things hair once she understood the beauty and uniqueness in its versatility. From a young age, she knew the importance of hair care and its maintenance as a Black girl growing up in the culture. She went from spending hours at the hair salon in a stylist's chair, to being the go-to person in her family for everything having to do with hair care and maintenance. She rejoiced at the opportunity to get familiar with all the different types of products, tools, and techniques. Whether that be doing cornrows, taking down or applying weaves, reapplying perms, administering hair colors, or even doing roller sets; whether or not she knew what she was doing she was always eager to explore the outcome of her creativity while testing her knowledge. It wasn't long before she would be able to earn some extra money as a young adult by assisting close friends and family members with their hair woes. It wasn't so much that she loved doing hair to the point of wanting to make a career out of it, but she enjoyed the part of the journey that required her to get familiar with each brand of a product and how they each affected change in the hair with the results each differing from the next. Stephanie has 5 years' worth of experience in the beauty supply industry, (with over 12+ years of retail experience overall) and a strong reputation for having great customer service skills. After taking a break from the retail and beauty supply industry to pursue a career in the medical field, she decided to turn her ideas into a reality when her senior-aged clients would regularly request Stephanie to assist them with their hair woes. Taking all of these key points into thought and combined with the drive and passion for all things hair and beauty, Stephanie came up with an idea to turn her passion into an opportunity to present a major upgrade to the beauty supply scene in Boston. A Black woman-owned Beauty supply!